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We simplify complex
supply chains management

We are a startup specialist in asset management and interconnectivity solutions with intelligence applied to logistics processes.

Interconnect, analyze
and share

Cubo Itaú Photo: Celso Doni


We want to challenge companies to think differently

We believe that the evolution of mindset coupled with technology can transform the future of the industry today. That’s why we want to share a new systemic vision that helps companies to manage more efficiently and intelligently their physical, human, economic and informational assets so that their products and services are more competitive anywhere.


Transformation, determination and

We contribute with great competence in changing logistics management in Brazil, always focusing on constant evolution and innovation for our customers, employees, suppliers, supporters and investors.

We were born as Reciclapac and today we are Evoy. Know our history:
Reciclapac was born. This year, we were selected for the acceleration program of Cietec - Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Technology Center (USP).
We started the packaging upcycling project with the Innovative Research Program (PIPE / FAPESP) support.
We were selected in the SENAI Innovation for Industry Program.
Our 1st Returnable and Compact Packaging was born with pilot project implementation in GM and MWM Motores.
We launched our platform at the 7th Brazilian Industry Innovation Congress. We received approval from the Innovation Project (PIPE / FAPESP) in IoT category.
We have won important clients, such as Cebrace from the Saint Gobain Group. We were invited to reside at Cubo Itaú and were chosen as one of the most innovative startups by SENAI/CNI.
Recycle is now Evoy. Following this journey of mutual learning and constant pursuit of innovation, we have evolved and changed names. We are constantly evolving!

Throughout our trajectory, we have expanded our experience and business with CIETEC, FAPESP, SENAI, USP, IPT and IPEN support. We have become a respected startup in the market and have received several awards in Brazil and abroad.

Our supporters and partners

We innovate together
to always evolve


Provide ways for industries to be more efficient with logistics intelligence innovation oriented to corporate sustainability.


To be a leader in management solutions and logistics processes with interconnected assets visible at any time and place in the world.


We were born to simplify asset management and complex logistics processes with SaaS IoT technology solutions.


Expert Team and
Collaboration Network

We combine different expertise to form a cohesive and multidisciplinary team of professionals in the fields of supply chain, information technology, packaging, manufacturing, handling engineering and export. In addition, we have a collaborative network of PhD’s and Masters researchers who conduct the laboratory and technological testing of our solutions.

Why We Renamed?

RecIclapac is now Evoy. Yes, we expand, evolve and multiply. We are recognized for being experienced and this drives us to have a deeper motivation in seeking to unite our wisdom with technology, as we believe that only knowledge transforms and allows us to see a new horizon. For this reason, we persist in the constant search for reliable ways to broaden our expertise in the various industry sectors and develop skills to interpret data and situations in an agile, logical and rational manner, contributing to safe decision making that leads to the achievement of results and shared success. With this awareness, courage to act and grow in every way, our greatest act of transformation is to innovate our future today. We are interconnected, seeking exponential change and leading our way. We are Evoy and we are constantly evolving!