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Smart management of assets and productive goods

We are a startup specialist in asset management and interconnectivity solutions with intelligence applied to logistics processes.

We want to provide ways for industries to be more efficient with a new industry-driven 4.0 approach.


Our solutions

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Smart and Connected Packaging

Through standalone devices, global reach connectivity and a platform that utilizes big data and artificial intelligence, <br>we transform passive assets into smart and interconnected ones.

Returnable and Sustainable Packaging

With high load capacity and durability, our returnable packaging is the most compact in the industry. It facilitates reuse, increases asset cycle, reduces waste and costs, providing savings in reverse logistics.

End-to-end visibility

Our platform generates 100% visibility and allows movement control of assets such as racks, trailers, machinery, tooling, containers etc. All in real time!







We simplify complex supply chains management

Key information element that integrates manufacturing and logistics.


Find assets by geolocation in real time, identify bottlenecks and improve the routing of your collection.


Analyze and measure indicators of turnaround time, absence and permanence of assets in one location.


Optimize asset management and control time with online inventory and agile and accurate decision making.

Extend the asset life cycle and reduce costs with packaging replacement or emergency freight.


Generate more quality in the production process and ease of issuing invoices to logistics providers.

“We will be able to track many things, things that I don't even imagine today, but which in the future will all be interconnected.”

Eduardo Vilaboa
MWM, Motores

“What Evoy does is generate this data on top of things that previously had no connectivity whatsoever, thus enabling new management models.”

Luis Felipe

"We know exactly who took it, when it took it, and who the customer is before the material reaches its final destination."

João Fausto

“I have inventory and geolocation visualization, the platform gives me the necessary options so that I can manage my work quickly.”

Rogério Marchesi
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We believe that
the evolution of mindset coupled with technology can transform the future of industry.

Asset management is the big trend for the future of industry, but for us this is already a reality.

We develop innovative solutions for companies to manage more efficiently and intelligently their physical, human, economic and informational assets so that their products and services are more competitive anywhere.

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